The Bragassa: Home of Lynchburg Historical Foundation

Painting by Pat Dougherty

Painting by Pat Dougherty


The Lynchburg Historical Foundation, Inc. was established on November 13, 1972, by the consolidation of the Lynchburg Historical Society (1934) and the Historic Lynchburg Foundation (1967), since both organizations had similar objectives.

The purposes for which the corporation was formed are:

  • To promote an understanding of history, architecture and culture through educational programs, exhibits, publications of historical materials and otherwise;
  • To undertake special projects which may include acquisition, restoration and preservation of sites, buildings, structures, documents and objects that are located in, related to, connected with or illustrative of the history and culture of Lynchburg, Virginia, and the surrounding area;
  • To encourage other organizations, corporations, and individuals to do likewise; to encourage, promote and develop partnerships through the Lynchburg Historical Foundation to benefit our community;
  • To take or receive gifts, devises, bequests of money or other property, real or personal, for any such purpose or purposes; and to have and exercise all powers incidental to or necessary and convenient to effect any or all of the purposes for which the Foundation is formed.

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